Costing: Hive Vs Magnet

Magnet imply huge savings on their kitchens. Discounts such as 50% off their kitchen cabinets & doors, and a further VAT reduction is a typical monthly promotion. These discounts simply involve setting high unrealistic price points and then applying the discounts to achieve a realistic price. These huge implied monthly promotions are used as an incentive for clients to place a deposit and purchase a kitchen before the monthly promotion ends.

Unfortunately this is a common practice in the UK kitchen industry and means pricing and discounts are highly misleading. The prices offered are still high even after these discounts as the following kitchen design price comparison illustrates. 


Integra Astral Creme

Magnet were the first major kitchen company to offer the handleless rail kitchen design in the UK market. However, as can be seen from the quote, the kitchen is exceptionally high priced. Let it be clear, the price quoted is Magnet's discounted price, as cab be seen in their 12-unit price advertsied on their website. The prices on the website are inclusive of their monthly discounts.

There is no difference in the quality of the kitchen doors. In fact, their acrylic faced doors come from the exact same supplier as we attain our acrylic doors from. Our cabinets are superior with an 18mm back panel instead of their floppy 3mm panel, which is only available in 2 finishes in their Astral Creme range.

Magnet will not fully price their kitchens, and insist on you attaining prices on many aspects from your designated kitchen fitter. We attained estimates for some of these aspects and have used these figures in our calculations for the plastering (£850 for 30m2) and antico flooring (£1000 for 12.2m2). Even though requested Electrics were not priced. We have therefore not included these within our calculations. The same AEG appliances were costed which Magnet were lower due to a free dishwasher offer they had.