Wren imply huge savings on their kitchens. Discounts such as 50% off their kitchen cabinets & doors, and a further 25% reduction is a typical monthly promotion. These discounts simply involve setting high unrealistic price points and then applying the discounts to achieve a realistic price. These huge implied monthly promotions are used as an incentive for clients to place a deposit and purchase a kitchen before the monthly promotion ends.

Unfortunately this is a common practice in the UK kitchen industry and means pricing and discounts are highly misleading. The prices offered are still high even after these discounts as the following kitchen design price comparison illustrates.


Shaker Alabaster

Timber Range

As can be seen we are far superior on price on kitchen furniture and granite worktops. Where we really outshine Wren is on the price of services - kitchen fitting and supplementary works consisting of plastering, electrics, gas work and floor tiling. Wren will not price this work until you purchase your kitchen. At which point your assigned kitchen fitter will conduct a pre-fit survey and then price the supplementary works. Wren have guidelines on the pricing of supplementary works, and it is on these guidelines which we have based our pricing comparison. The likelihood is the pricing will be higher than these guideline prices.

Tiles and paint have been excluded from the quote as these would be non-exclusive items to ourselves or Wren. Flooring, painting & decorating and plastering prices are based upon room dimensions of 2.85 x 5.22 metres and a height of 2.5 meteres. Includes gas safety test, cooker test, consumer unit / rcd circuit breakers, 5 x appliance sockets, 3 x surface sockets, new ring main, cooker power, fitting granite return, removal of kitchen units.

Identical Bosch appliances have been used.

All items and services are priced by Hive Kitchens together with your kitchen supply price allowing you to make a fully informed decision on the purchase of your kitchen.